Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tissot or Timex: What does it mean to be a "Swiss Made" Watch?

 Contradictory to the first part of the title we will not be talking about Timex at all. Instead we will be talking about what it means to be a real "Swiss Watch". We will also be talking about the difference between "Swiss Made" and "Swiss Movement".

 If I asked all of you what your favourite dream watch is, I can guarantee that at least 85% of you would say the name of something Swiss. Realistically, it has almost always been this way (except maybe in the 1980s when Japanese watches were super popular), and now with the internet we can get terrific deals on some of our favourite Swiss brands. Are they really Swiss brands, though? Before I go any farther I beg you not to go and throw your $30,000 Oris in the garbage, no that's a real Swiss watch brand. What I'm talking about is Swiss Legend (neither very legendary, or very Swiss), and Stührling Original; those types of brands. Do not let them fool you with things at six o'clock like: Swiss Mov. or Swiss Mvt. or even Chrono Swiss. If a watch says something similar to this on it, and you are looking for a real Swiss watch... Do not Buy it. If it says something like this on it it means that the movement is Swiss Made to varying degrees of quality. After the movement is finished it is then exported and cased somewhere else (cheap-labour countries mostly), it is then tested for flaws... in those countries. Meaning that it is more susceptible to defects, where real Swiss-made watches are not.

 A watch that is labeled "Swiss Made", is, as the name suggest, mostly Swiss made. In order for a manufacturer to legally* put Swiss made at the six o'clock the watch must meet the following requirements:
-Swiss Made movement (made in Switzerland)
-Cased in Switzerland
-Tested for defects in Switzerland by- the- Swiss
-Must be 60% or more Swiss made

 Thanks for reading- The bloggers at Mainspringwatch

*some companies will not abide by the rules and will make watches and illegitimately call them "Swiss Made"
*note some Swiss Legends, and Stührling Originals maybe Swiss made, the brands are both highly respected by Mainspringwatch
*note no Oris price has actually been quoted, if a particular Oris is priced similarly it is simply coincidental 


  1. This is an interesting point of view. I didn't realize the differences myself. What is your favourite Swiss-made watch and why?

    1. I don't have a favourite Swiss-made watch necessarily, but I do like SUSI guardian automatics for their simplicity and style.