Saturday, January 25, 2014

New episode

Sorry for the delay everyone but we have been very busy of late. That means that the newest episode of everyman's watch will be released later on (at it's latest monday). I will get you to guess which Casio watch that you think we are doing. You can leave a comment with the model number in tow. Here's a hint, it's not a G-Shock!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Upcoming episode

Sorry to be so late in posting this, but the next episode of everyman's watch will be posted tomorrow at this time (about) (NYC standard time).

I'd also like to say that I'm sorry I didn't announce earlier that Tissot celebrated their 160th anniversary last year.

You can check out Tissot's watches on there website, but you have to say their name with a french accent.

You can also, if you can't speak french for your life (unlike me), go to amazon:

Friday, January 17, 2014

Everyman's watch episode one: Henry Birks, and Sons

 As promised, we at Mainspring Watch bring you a great episode about the 2010, Henry Birks and Sons, K90X174-1, brand watch. The watch was made primarily to promote Henry Birks, the luxury watch dealer's, corporate incentive line of products.

About the Watch
The Henry Birks and Sons watch is made of high quality stainless steel, and is water resistant. It features normal time keeping plus a date box so you can keep track of the days. The is one of the best* reasonably priced* watches of 2013.

Case, Face and Strap
The face has a diameter of 33mm, the "glass" covering the face is mineral, while the face itself is black.
The watch is 45mm from lug to lug, which are both made of solid stainless steel. The band has a width of 20mm and is comprised of stainless steel links. The watch uses a trifold buckle (without a clasp), also in stainless steel. The watch uses a reliable quartz movement, powered by a two-year-battery*. The watch rides about 7mm above the wrist.

You can view other Birks collections at:

*(1) in our opinion
*(2) costs about 100 Canadian dollars
*(3) battery life will vary; we can not ensure that the said battery will last two years

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 The Swiss watch company Breitling will be celebrating it's 130th birthday this year! Breitling offers solid Swiss watches (primarily men's) for professionals of every suit. From diver to formula one driver they have the professional instrument for you.

 Breitling was founded by Léon Breitling in 1884 (when he established his work shop). Breitling is one of the only legitimate brands which boast a certified chronometer on every watch model. Breitling is usually associated with pioneering aviation, and modern aviation watches. This association did not come around by chance! In the early 20th century pilots needed a reliable procession time piece, so it was in the 1930s that many pilots became interested in the Breitling pocket chronograph. Breitling, seeing a chance to enrich it's customer base, made a specialty range of chronographs intended for airplane cockpits. This revelation, seeming small at the time, earned them world wide fame. The sad thing is they still don't have an "aviator" collection. Well I guess "super avenger" is good enough for all of us down here at mainspringwatch.

 Everyone reading this should now probably give Breitling a big hand. They have truly suffered through some tough times. Tough times indeed. With the growing popularity of the watch companies, Timex and Casio, no 100% Swiss watch maker is truly safe, except maybe Swatch. Okay and Wenger is pretty safe, but other than that these guys have been going through some tough times. Luckily for them there will always be people who will drop a few thousand for a watch. Some watch indeed. Breitling maybe the number one Swiss watch maker just because of it's functionality and personality, or just because you want a slide rule on your watch.

You can look into Breitling and their amazing timepieces further at:
Or you could look for a hot deal on Amazon, I know they've got lots. First go to: or go to watches, then select the brand Breitling.

Monday, January 13, 2014

New series alert! "Everyman's watch" will feature 3 episodes in which I will dissect three of the best every day watches, for affordable prices.

The first episode comes to you at 8:00pm NYC standard time, Friday, January 17 2014.

Welome to Mainspringwatch

Dear Readers and viewers,

 As of January 13 2014 our official blog: Mainspringwatch is operational! Before I get into any detail about that though, let me tell you a little bit about Mainspringwatch. Up here at Mainspringwatch we pride ourselves in giving you the best of todays' watch news and reviews, with a unique point of view on every watch. You can even tell us the watches that you want us to review! They could be watches that you own or watches that you like, which ever it is we will have one special episode each series in which we will take a look at a reader's watch choice. To have your watch selected you can contact us after we have put out our per series post asking for a watch suggestion. We can not guarantee  that all of the suggestions we get will be acted upon, however; we can tell you that the first one to contact us at:, will be accepted into the final episode of the series that we happen to be working on when we post: "Any Watch Review Suggestions?". If you do own the watch that you want us to review you can also email us pictures of the watch, that you have taken yourself.

 Our first series is called every man's watch in which we will be reviewing (next 3 episodes) the (in our opinion) the top three every day watches. The episodes should air from now until march break (north american march break). Most of our episodes should be accompanied by a youtube video, a link to which will be posted on this blog. Our first review will be posted at around 8:00pm, NYC standard time, Friday, January 17 2013.

 As this first post comes to an end I have two happy belated birthdays to announce; Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrated it's 180th last year, but they weren't the only watch company who had a big birthday last year! Tag Heuer celebrated their 153 birthday last year!

See both their collections at:, and both of their collections are magnificent, and 100% swiss made.