Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 The Swiss watch company Breitling will be celebrating it's 130th birthday this year! Breitling offers solid Swiss watches (primarily men's) for professionals of every suit. From diver to formula one driver they have the professional instrument for you.

 Breitling was founded by Léon Breitling in 1884 (when he established his work shop). Breitling is one of the only legitimate brands which boast a certified chronometer on every watch model. Breitling is usually associated with pioneering aviation, and modern aviation watches. This association did not come around by chance! In the early 20th century pilots needed a reliable procession time piece, so it was in the 1930s that many pilots became interested in the Breitling pocket chronograph. Breitling, seeing a chance to enrich it's customer base, made a specialty range of chronographs intended for airplane cockpits. This revelation, seeming small at the time, earned them world wide fame. The sad thing is they still don't have an "aviator" collection. Well I guess "super avenger" is good enough for all of us down here at mainspringwatch.

 Everyone reading this should now probably give Breitling a big hand. They have truly suffered through some tough times. Tough times indeed. With the growing popularity of the watch companies, Timex and Casio, no 100% Swiss watch maker is truly safe, except maybe Swatch. Okay and Wenger is pretty safe, but other than that these guys have been going through some tough times. Luckily for them there will always be people who will drop a few thousand for a watch. Some watch indeed. Breitling maybe the number one Swiss watch maker just because of it's functionality and personality, or just because you want a slide rule on your watch.

You can look into Breitling and their amazing timepieces further at:
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  1. Thanks for the news, I didn't know that about Breitling. What features do you think sets apart a good aviator watch? Altimeter?

    1. Breitlings do not actually have altimeters, it's actually their slide rules that set them apart from other aviator watches. Every pilot needs to make calculations, with Breitling he or she can do them right on the wrist.

  2. Great blog! I'm the lucky owner of a Montrbrillant Datora - and I must say that I share your enthusiasm for the watchmaker. I think they've really surpassed themselves with some of their limited edition Transoceans. Here's a question for you: do you think they'll succeed with their new military edition avenger? Seems like they're entering unfamiliar grounds for Breitling... would love to read your thoughts on this.

    1. Breitling avenger and super avenger have been out for a long time, but from what I've heard they're not the most popular. Personally, though; I love the styling, especially with the black, pretty sure it's PVD. As for them going into uncharted territory with it, I'll say this: all watch companies have to branch out to stay in fashion, Breitling is just trying to make itself stronger. I can honestly say, that I probably would never buy an avenger, there are options just as good, that still have swiss mechanisms, but are a few thousand dollars cheaper. The only thing that really has Breitling's name all over it with the super avenger is the name.

      Speaking of military style watches, there is a new brand surfacing in that area. They have decent swiss made, USA style military watches. They are MTM Special OPS if you'd like to look them up here's there web link:
      Casio also has several military watches. There new Metal Twisted G-Shocks are all the rage now days. Casio is the number one supplier of watches to the military; people in the armed forces like them because they are easy to read, solar powered, and extremely resistant to shock. I was given one as a present a while back, says in the manual that it can resist over twelve Gs of gravitational force.

      Getting back to your original question; if I was looking for a military watch of the same caliber, I would go for a cheaper less... Breitling sort of watch.

      I would love it if you'd like to send in some pictures of your watch by e-mail so that I could review your it! The Montbrillant Datora is one of my all time favourites, it's up there with the Navitimer Cosmonaut, and the Breitling for Bentley models.

      Thanks for your comment/question, I'm sorry I was late in answering it but I've been a bit bogged down over the past couple of days. I'm always happy to give my opinion on Breitlings as they're one of my favourite swiss watch companies.